Pure Q&A

“Paul Voodini is my kind or mind-reader and Pure Q&A is my kind of manuscript! I love this book, I love the material in this book, and I love what this book will do for YOUR performance! Pure Q&A launches Paul Voodini into the realm of the ‘greats’ instantly!”- Luke Jermay

“This book is pure gold! I advise any mentalist or mind-reader to buy Pure Q&A on sight!” – Neal Scryer

Product Price $22.00

Product Description

Pure Q&A is a 44 page PDF outlining a full 2 hour Q&A show ideal for stage or parlour! Imagine a Q&A show that involves NO sleights, NO gaffs, and NO gimmicks! A Q&A show that will be perceived by your audience as the ‘real thing’ as opposed to a magic trick! This is Pure Q&A! Questions are answered, futures divined, and the audience enthralled!

Pure Q&A uses NO billet switches, NO impression devices, NO electronics, and NO pre-show!

Pure Q&A gives you a full show on a platter, to use ‘as is’ or to customize to suit your own performance persona. This is a manuscript that has been born from true life performance – all ideas are lifted from Paul’s stage and parlor show. Pure Q&A is real world mentalism at its very best!

Includes introductions by Luke Jermay and Neal Scryer!